Do any of these production scenarios sound like your company?

If so, InterTECH Integrated Systems can help you be more efficient with your Prototype design, 3d modeling, 3D modeling and CNC programming:

  • Are you getting optimal productivity from your CAD/CAM department?

  • Does it take longer than expected to program and produce each part or project?

  • Is hand-editing being done to the CNC programs?

  • Are your set-up sheets automated?

  • Are you efficiently using templates and automating repetitive tasks to reduce programming times?

  • Are your set-ups taking longer than you’d expect?

  • Is communication efficient and correct between programmers and the shop floor?

  • Do you feel there is an “us vs. them” attitude between the programming department and shop-floor?

  • Do you manufacture several similar parts and, if so, are you taking advantage of family part programming and generic programs?

  • Are you taking advantage of efficiencies with 3D programming to allow you to set up a job in 2 or 3 set-ups rather than 6 or 7?

If any of these situations sound like your company, InterTECH can help. Just Contact Us

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